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Zucchini Cream, Carrot Cream, Vegetable Cream and many other organic products.

Creams and soups are a type of food that, due to their texture, becomes an easy meal to consume where a great variety of vegetables, necessary for optimal health, are concentrated.

Top-quality creams, soups and purées that are part of our traditional gastronomy, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Our products are not genetically modified foods and meet all quality standards.

Zucchini cream, potato cream, carrot cream, broccoli cream, asparagus cream, pumpkin cream …

Find a wide variety of organic vegetables concentrated in our homemade soups and creams, cooked in a healthy way. A perfect bet to accompany meals or dinners in a nutritious way!

Vegetable creams, or the others mentioned before, are very satisfying and as they can be eaten both hot and cold, they are suitable at any time of the year. With these creams made from a selection of top quality fresh vegetables, you get the nutrients that your body needs. Our organic creams are a quality product, 100% natural.

Benefits of enjoying the vegetable soups, purées and creams:

  1. Vegetable creams and purées have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, as well as a large amount of fiber. They have the necessary vitamins for the proper functioning of the body on a daily basis and to strengthen the defences.
  2. Most contain large doses of vitamin C, an essential source of energy for the normal growth and development of the individual.
  3. Vegetable creams as a shredded dish, is part of the category of pre-digested foods, this factor and the fact that vegetable protein is more digestive than that of animal origin, translates into a much lighter digestion process and easy.
  4. Soup and cream dishes are ideal for staying hydrated since their main ingredient is water.
  5. They are very low in calories.
  6. Having a plate of cream or soup is comforting, it helps us feel better, warm up and relax.
  7. The vegetable cream does not contain many calories; so it is perfect for people with overweight problems.
  8. They do not contain fat, so their consumption does not affect blood pressure or increase the chances of suffering from cholesterol.
  9. They are an incredible source of fiber, which improves intestinal transit.
  10. Furthermore, they help combat fluid retention due to their abundant potassium content.
  11. The creams of zucchini, vegetables and carrots are some of the most consumed and popular varieties of soups and creams among the population.


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