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100% Natural Homemade Production. Sugar-free jams

Did you know that the skin and pulp of each piece of fruit is incorporated in the elaboration of organic marmalade? This is a healthy way of consuming the best organic fruit. Our organic jams are made and cooked every day in a natural way and without added sugars. Discover all the flavors of our homemade jams and enjoy the true taste of seasonal fruits.

Natural jam is made with whole pieces of fruit and contains less sugar than jam.

One of the virtues of jam is that you eat both the pulp and the skin, therefore, you eat the whole fruit. 100% of the fruit is consumed.

The main nutritional characteristics of organic jam are its low fat and protein content, and its high percentage of simple sugars.

When fruits are not in season, one of the best options to enjoy their benefits are jams. In fact, natural jam was born to preserve the fruit, its flavor and properties over time.

We must eliminate the false belief that jam is not healthy because of its sugar content.  If they are handmade and organic jams, the fruits used (which is its main component) are of first quality as they come from organic crops and do not provide unnecessary added sugars as it is a handmade production.

Jam contains many health benefits.

  1. It provides energy, so it is highly recommended for children, athletes and in general for people with a certain level of daily activity. It is ideal for breakfast since it provides a large amount of nutrients and gives a lot of energy to cope with all activities.
  2. The jam is rich in fiber, therefore it helps to regulate the intestinal transit and to improve the absorption of fats.
  3. Strawberry jam, blackberry jam and blueberry jam have anti-inflammatory and antitumor benefits and are good for visual acuity thanks to anthocyanins. Helps prevent degenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Contains vitamin C, A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and Omega 3.
  4. Apple jam balances the organism, especially at the intestinal level.
  5. The orange marmalade thanks to the vitamin avoids colds and catarrh.
  6. The cherry jam has a depurative effect due to its laxative properties.
  7. Quince jam improves respiratory problems.
  8. Tomato jam is a source of phosphorus and potassium. It provides antioxidants, a great amount of fiber and has hypoglycemic and antibacterial properties.
  9. Lemon jam has a strong antibacterial, antiviral and immune-stimulating power.

If you want to distribute our organic jams you have a wide variety of flavors of superior quality. Once our customers try it, they become addicted and loyal to the brand.

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