Properties of the White Grape:

  • Rich in Antioxidants, they strengthen the Defenses and the Immune System. They help prevent cancer.
  • Promotes the good condition of the arteries, prevents heart problems.
  • They regulate and balance the intestinal flora.
  • Recommended for the Prevention of Osteoporosis, due to its Boron content.
  • Diuretic, detoxifying and invigorating.

Gross weight: 1,4 Kg.
Net weight: 1 l.
Bar code: 8436029241391
Sales unit measurements:
– Tall: 255 mm.
– Width: 89 mm.
– Deep: 89 mm.
Units per box: 12
Service box dimensions:
– Tall: 255 mm.
– Width: 370 mm.
– Deep: 270 mm.
Dun-14 service box barcode 28436029241395
Pallet composition:
– Boxes per base: 9 boxes/floor
– Number of boxes in height: 6 floors (54 boxes/pallet)
Pallet measurements counting from the base.
width: 80 cm x length: 120cm x height: 153 cm
Manufacturing life span: 3 years.


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