Organic juices: Why should we include them in our diet?

Cada vez es mayor la demanda de zumos ecológicos y bebidas orgánicas. Pero…¿se trata de una moda o realmente su consumo es capaz de aportarnos las propiedades y nutrientes para nuestro organismo?

The demand for organic juices is growing and organic drinks. But…is it a fashion or is its consumption really capable to provide us with the properties and nutrients for our body?

Why consume natural juices of organic origin?

Organic juices are made from sustainably grown fruit pulp. This type of cultivation is characterized by the use of natural resources, without using chemical products either for fertilization or for the elimination of pests. This natural agriculture guarantees the production of organic fruits while maintaining the fertility of the soil. The drinks made with organic fruits, maintain the concentrate and authentic flavor of the fruit since the juice is extracted directly from the fruit or vegetable.

6 Reasons why you should drink organic fruit juices

1. Its antioxidants prevent premature aging

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the consumption of antioxidants decreases and slows down the appearance of diseases cardiovascular, carcinogenic and aging and oxidation of cells. This property is found in organic fruits and vegetables, which prevent diseases related to age preventing vision loss and improving skin elasticity stopping tissue damage.

2. Stabilize the levels of Blood Sugar

Thanks to the composition of fructose and sucrose in each fruit, its consumption helps stabilize blood glucose levels. This property makes it highly recommended for people with diabetes as it reduces the problems of hypoglycemia.

3. They prevent from diseases degenerative diseases and blood problems

Its percentage in vitamin K, acts against diseases of neuronal degeneration such as Alzheimer’s and other memory problems. Another benefit is the production of vitamins that help blood clotting and prevent bleeding and bruising.

4. You consume food without residues toxic

No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers are used during the production of organic fruit. This involves preventing hormonal disruption by reducing the levels of metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury found in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables such as apples or spinach.

5. They have a greater contribution of nutrients for the body

Fruits and vegetables obtained from orchards contain 50% of the minerals, enzymes and vitamins that the produced in orchards without crop rotation, since the cycles are respected productive of the environment.

6.Organic juices have a more concentrated taste

Last but not least we must have in counts its distinctive flavor. Because organic fruits and vegetables have less water, there is a greater concentration of the flavors of each fruit, allowing the conservation capacity to be greater than those of conventional cultivation.

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